April 2016

Concealed Weapon Class: The Difference I Offer

Like many others in the area, I teach Concealed Carry training classes. So what is the difference between what I do, and what training others provide. I’ve been teaching firearms classes to law enforcement and the public for almost thirty years. When teaching classes for law enforcement, I had limited resources. Continue reading “Concealed Weapon Class: The Difference I Offer”

Working the Room: the Gunfighter Seat

Sitting in the corner, back to the wall – the stereotypical tactical location to make sure any threats to you will be noticed and you’ll have enough time to react. That may be an ideal location, but it is often hard to achieve. Walking into a restaurant that is busy, you may not be able to get seated in the most tactical seat in the house – chances are, a 6 year old is already sitting there with her two siblings and her parents, Continue reading “Working the Room: the Gunfighter Seat”

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