The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?

The “AR-15” style or pattern rifle was Continue reading “The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?”

Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%

Whether you carry a firearm for self-defense, or even if you just go through your life being aware, alert and trying to avoid problems, you may at some point (either through injury or other circumstances) lose some of your abilities to protect yourself, or get yourself out of, or away from, potentially dangerous situations. It recently happened to me, and I want to share what Continue reading “Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%”

We Are All Above Average, The Lake Wobegon Effect

As stated on the NPR show “Well, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” Believe it or not, the Lake Wobegon Effect is an actual thing. It was propagated by Dr. David G Myers as he described the trait many people have to overrate their own abilities and capabilities. This becomes relevant when you carry a firearm

Continue reading “We Are All Above Average, The Lake Wobegon Effect”

Very Few Police Officers Are Firearm Savvy

I was talking with a friend the other day, and our conversation reminded me of several stories that help to dispel another myth I want to address: “all cops are gun people.” Most cops today have trouble even qualifying at the range. Many who go into law enforcement would be happy if they didn’t need to carry a gun – let alone be required to use one. There are exceptions of course, Continue reading “Very Few Police Officers Are Firearm Savvy”

Innovation, Progress, and Improvements

I had a co-worker who use to tell a story of how when the space program was getting started in the 1960’s, NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could write in space, but the Russians, clever as they were, just used a pencil. Sounds good, but it’s a total bunch of crap. Firstly, both the American and Russian space programs used pencils during early space missions. Continue reading “Innovation, Progress, and Improvements”

Hiding in Plain Sight – Concealed Carry Clothing

After you decide you are going to carry a firearm, the very next question is often – “what do I wear to keep it concealed?” Starting with the most basic foundation – you will need a quality holster. Because the most popular holsters and carry method is around the waist on your strong side (be it inside the waistband or outside your pants), you will most likely also need a dedicated belt Continue reading “Hiding in Plain Sight – Concealed Carry Clothing”

Sights for Old Guys & Older Eyes

When I was starting my law enforcement career, I had excellent vision. Since then I have been very lucky and was able to avoid needing glasses up until only a few years ago. Carrying a firearm as part of my job, and for self-defense when not on duty, I had a serious interest in being able to see my sights, and be able to quickly get them lined up on a target. Over the years I have seen Continue reading “Sights for Old Guys & Older Eyes”

The Carbine for Self-Defense Use

In self-defense or home protection, you generally have three choices – the handgun, the shotgun, and the carbine rifle. Later I’ll talk more about the handgun and the shotgun, but today, let’s talk about the carbine. Specifically, the AR-15 pattern carbine. I’ll start with some background and history on why it’s popular, then make some suggestions on how to set up your own AR for Continue reading “The Carbine for Self-Defense Use”

What Kind of Gun Should I Get?

Specific Recommendations: A quick foreshadowing: I will be making some recommendations on equipment, products, and brands. When I do this, I won’t tell you that any one is the best – instead, I will suggest several items or products, techniques or services that in my knowledge and experience have proved themselves to be of high quality and/or high value. Let me give you this advice to begin with – Continue reading “What Kind of Gun Should I Get?”

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