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Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%

Whether you carry a firearm for self-defense, or even if you just go through your life being aware, alert and trying to avoid problems, you may at some point (either through injury or other circumstances) lose some of your abilities to protect yourself, or get yourself out of, or away from, potentially dangerous situations. It recently happened to me, and I want to share what Continue reading “Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%”

Beyond the Basic CCW Course of Fire

The course of fire to get your concealed carry permit consists of firing 30 rounds into a standard silhouette target at three, five, and seven yards. There is no time limit, and the target area is generous. Please understand that the CCW course is not designed or intended to create expert combat shooters. It does help demonstrate you have a basic ability Continue reading “Beyond the Basic CCW Course of Fire”

Keep Your Dang Finger Off The Dang Trigger

Of the four basic rules of safe firearm handling (All Guns Are Always Loaded, Never Point a Gun at Anything you Don’t Want To Destroy, Don’t Put Your Finger Near/On the Trigger until you have Decided to Shoot, and Be Aware of your Target, and Beyond), my favorite has to be number three – keep your finger off the trigger until you have decided to shoot. As a corollary to rule number Continue reading “Keep Your Dang Finger Off The Dang Trigger”

Five Minutes For Fighting – The Shooting Stance

The Stance: A lot of time and energy is devoted to the shooting stance, basically how you stand and hold the firearm while shooting. This is as it should be, because if you are not holding the firearm properly and standing appropriately, you will not be shooting as well as you can. Today my focus is the stance I teach for self-defense shooting. This is different from how you would stand Continue reading “Five Minutes For Fighting – The Shooting Stance”

We Are All Above Average, The Lake Wobegon Effect

As stated on the NPR show “Well, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” Believe it or not, the Lake Wobegon Effect is an actual thing. It was propagated by Dr. David G Myers as he described the trait many people have to overrate their own abilities and capabilities. This becomes relevant when you carry a firearm

Continue reading “We Are All Above Average, The Lake Wobegon Effect”

Very Few Police Officers Are Firearm Savvy

I was talking with a friend the other day, and our conversation reminded me of several stories that help to dispel another myth I want to address: “all cops are gun people.” Most cops today have trouble even qualifying at the range. Many who go into law enforcement would be happy if they didn’t need to carry a gun – let alone be required to use one. There are exceptions of course, Continue reading “Very Few Police Officers Are Firearm Savvy”

Concealed Weapon Class: The Difference I Offer

Like many others in the area, I teach Concealed Carry training classes. So what is the difference between what I do, and what training others provide. I’ve been teaching firearms classes to law enforcement and the public for almost thirty years. When teaching classes for law enforcement, I had limited resources. Continue reading “Concealed Weapon Class: The Difference I Offer”

Innovation, Progress, and Improvements

I had a co-worker who use to tell a story of how when the space program was getting started in the 1960’s, NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could write in space, but the Russians, clever as they were, just used a pencil. Sounds good, but it’s a total bunch of crap. Firstly, both the American and Russian space programs used pencils during early space missions. Continue reading “Innovation, Progress, and Improvements”

Decision-Reaction Targets for Realistic Training

Let me take a few minutes to give you some insight into some training I do for students. I believe in making firearms training realistic. Whenever possible, doing things at the range that will directly apply to actual shooting situations. Today I’ll focus on range training, but these techniques can also be applied to training with air-soft, dry fire, or the SIRT or other laser training pistols. Continue reading “Decision-Reaction Targets for Realistic Training”

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