January 2016

What Kind of Gun Should I Get?

Specific Recommendations: A quick foreshadowing: I will be making some recommendations on equipment, products, and brands. When I do this, I won’t tell you that any one is the best – instead, I will suggest several items or products, techniques or services that in my knowledge and experience have proved themselves to be of high quality and/or high value. Let me give you this advice to begin with – Continue reading “What Kind of Gun Should I Get?”

Should I get a Gun For Self Defense?

Many people I know are aware of my interest and experience with firearms. As a former licensed gun dealer, police officer, SWAT team member, rangemaster and armorer for my police department, NRA safe range officer, NRA certified Police Instructor, NRA certified Rifle and Pistol Instructor, Concealed Weapon Permit Instructor, amateur gunsmith, someone who has carried a firearm almost daily Continue reading “Should I get a Gun For Self Defense?”

When the Time Comes, Can I Pull the Trigger?

I believe all of us can imagine a situation where we would be able to shoot someone. Sometimes these images might mirror a scene from a horror movie. The axe murderer who has been terrorizing the city has been seen in your neighborhood tonight. In the month following his release from the asylum to date, seventy-three people have been killed by this maniac hitting them with his axe. Continue reading “When the Time Comes, Can I Pull the Trigger?”

Why I do Things the Way I do

I was hired by a police department in 1983. I realized pretty quickly I didn’t know a lot about being a cop, but I knew enough to know I didn’t know much. So, I went to a lot of training – just about every class I could go to, I did. Because in the very beginning I was a reserve officer, I went to a lot of classes on my own time – the department let me go, it didn’t cost them anything, Continue reading “Why I do Things the Way I do”

“Racking the Shotgun” – The Myth

Contrary to what some “gunstore cowboys” might tell you, racking the shotgun will not scare away a bad guy. Instead, it will let the bad guy know where you are, it may reduce your ammunition capacity, and based on my own experiences in a variety of real world situations, it is generally not good thing to do. I was told it’s OK to tell cop stories, as long as they make a point. Continue reading ““Racking the Shotgun” – The Myth”

Gunstore Myths About the Shotgun

Many gunstore employees often fall into one of two categories. The first is those who have a solid background with firearms use and operation – perhaps a long time hunter, someone with a military background, or law enforcement firearms experience. Their desire is to make sure you get the firearm that best meets your needs. On the other hand, are those employees,

Continue reading “Gunstore Myths About the Shotgun”

Delay & Scan Before Re-Holstering

At the range, we get into habits. Draw and fire one round. Draw and fire two rounds. Draw and fire three rounds. Unload & re-holster. These drills are great for the person running the range. The degree and level of control is heavy, and the chance for mistake or injury with new shooters is reduced. As a new shooter, these types of drills will probably serve as the range Continue reading “Delay & Scan Before Re-Holstering”

Realistic Training for Real Situations

There is no way to train for every possible scenario. Instead, look to the most common situations encountered in shootings and use those as a basis for your training. From the very beginning, use techniques that will be applicable in high stress situations (train for those things that have most often occurred in actual shootings), and you will be as prepared as possible. Continue reading “Realistic Training for Real Situations”

Firearms Training for Stressful Situations (part 2)


The first step is knowing the kind of things that will happen in these high stress situations. When you are in the middle of a shooting and you notice everything is moving in slow motion, and you know there are gunshots going off – but you hear only “pops,” and you can barely feel the recoil of your Continue reading “Firearms Training for Stressful Situations (part 2)”

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