NOTE: I schedule classes based on YOUR individual needs, not what works best for me….

The CCW class for a permit in Nevada requires a class of at least eight hours. When you include time driving to the range, and a short lunch break, this quickly can become a long ten hour day. Some people are OK with this, preferring to “Suck-It-Up” and “Power Through” to get it finished and be done with it. For many others, that’s more difficult to find the time and schedule around their work and personal commitments.

I’ve found that one of the most popular options I offer is a two day “Enhanced Concealed Carry” class, breaking the training into two sessions of about five hours each. As long as both of these sessions are completed within a two week period, this format complies with the state requirements. This format allows more time to cover the classroom material, as well as some extra time to spend on the range.

Rather than limiting your options to the days that only work for us, we are currently scheduling private training classes based on the individual needs of our clients. Although the temperatures in northern Nevada can rise and fall throughout the year, we still hold CCW classes in our classroom facility year round. If the weather is too hot, too cold, or if there is two feet of snow on the outdoor range, we have the option of completing the live fire qualification course at a local indoor range facility.

As you know, even when winter is here, there are often clear days with moderate temperatures in northern Nevada – so doing more advanced training at an outdoor range is not only possible, but makes for a great training experience. In the summer, the temperatures drop off in the late afternoons and early evening – making for a comfortable range training session.

We have a variety of dates and times available in the next month or two for training classes, please contact us directly and we can work to find a time that will work for you and meet your individual training needs.