INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Marked by wet and bleak conditions: nasty, dirty, stormy, turbulent, gusty, overcast, sunless; rainy, murky….

CLEMENT WEATHER:  Marked by conditions that are delightful: temperate, cloudless, fair, sunny, calm, peaceful, placid, tranquil, pleasant….


Charles P. Clement

Providing training and consultation services in safety, security and personal protection matters.

I recently entered my thirty-fifth year of law enforcement, safety, and security experience, with this background, I offer “training to bring you through the storm.” In today’s world, dangerous situations are becoming more frequent and as a result you and your family are more at risk than ever before.

The training I offer is not straight out of a textbook. I share the skills I have learned through my own hands-on experiences facing hazardous situations through more than three decades. When you apply what you have learned in a training class under the stress and duress of an actual threat, you quickly discover what looks good on TV – may get you hurt or killed in a real world situation.

Unlike many people who do firearms training, I’ve actually been involved in several shootings. I’ve gone through the physical and emotional rollercoaster that often follows the shots being fired. I’ve been through many use of force investigations, both as the person investigating the incident, and the person being investigated.

Not only have I actually “been there and done that,” for many years I was responsible for teaching other law enforcement officers. They had to put the skills and techniques I taught to use in actual situations on the streets and in the dark alleys. Making sure my students are prepared to meet and win against the treats they may encounter is something I take very seriously.

My focus has always been to teach only those techniques that have proven themselves robust and effective to use when someone is scared, maybe can’t think clearly or move efficiently, but needs to protect themselves against a threat. As you look through this site, I think you will see how the perspective I bring serves to meet these requirements.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you will find something of interest.