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The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?

The “AR-15” style or pattern rifle was Continue reading “The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?”

Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%

Whether you carry a firearm for self-defense, or even if you just go through your life being aware, alert and trying to avoid problems, you may at some point (either through injury or other circumstances) lose some of your abilities to protect yourself, or get yourself out of, or away from, potentially dangerous situations. It recently happened to me, and I want to share what Continue reading “Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%”

The Carbine for Self-Defense Use

In self-defense or home protection, you generally have three choices – the handgun, the shotgun, and the carbine rifle. Later I’ll talk more about the handgun and the shotgun, but today, let’s talk about the carbine. Specifically, the AR-15 pattern carbine. I’ll start with some background and history on why it’s popular, then make some suggestions on how to set up your own AR for Continue reading “The Carbine for Self-Defense Use”

What Kind of Gun Should I Get?

Specific Recommendations: A quick foreshadowing: I will be making some recommendations on equipment, products, and brands. When I do this, I won’t tell you that any one is the best – instead, I will suggest several items or products, techniques or services that in my knowledge and experience have proved themselves to be of high quality and/or high value. Let me give you this advice to begin with – Continue reading “What Kind of Gun Should I Get?”

Should I get a Gun For Self Defense?

Many people I know are aware of my interest and experience with firearms. As a former licensed gun dealer, police officer, SWAT team member, rangemaster and armorer for my police department, NRA safe range officer, NRA certified Police Instructor, NRA certified Rifle and Pistol Instructor, Concealed Weapon Permit Instructor, amateur gunsmith, someone who has carried a firearm almost daily Continue reading “Should I get a Gun For Self Defense?”

“Racking the Shotgun” – The Myth

Contrary to what some “gunstore cowboys” might tell you, racking the shotgun will not scare away a bad guy. Instead, it will let the bad guy know where you are, it may reduce your ammunition capacity, and based on my own experiences in a variety of real world situations, it is generally not good thing to do. I was told it’s OK to tell cop stories, as long as they make a point. Continue reading ““Racking the Shotgun” – The Myth”

Gunstore Myths About the Shotgun

Many gunstore employees often fall into one of two categories. The first is those who have a solid background with firearms use and operation – perhaps a long time hunter, someone with a military background, or law enforcement firearms experience. Their desire is to make sure you get the firearm that best meets your needs. On the other hand, are those employees,

Continue reading “Gunstore Myths About the Shotgun”

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