After The Shots Are Fired

Many people will tell you that if you are involved in a self-defense shooting, you should not speak with law enforcement or answer any questions until you have spoken with your attorney.

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Building Search Basics

A lot of people want to be just like the characters they see in the action-adventure movies. They like to imagine

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Simpler, Easier, Better Malfunction Clearance


“We need a solution to positively get the gun up and running regardless of whether the issue is a dud round, failure to feed, stovepipe or whatever. Dump the mag, Rack the

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Victim of Theft – Was It Random?

Can you reduce the chance that you will be a victim of theft or property crime? Or is it just a random event Continue reading “Victim of Theft – Was It Random?”

Who You Train With: Choose Wisely

If you own a gun, and if you plan on using it for anything other than just shooting empty soda cans for fun Continue reading “Who You Train With: Choose Wisely”

Helping Women Protect Themselves

We are all a product of our respective environments. Much of what we  Continue reading “Helping Women Protect Themselves”

Bad Guys – The Four Key Deterrence Strategies:

Bad guys are basically wimps. If they have a choice between doing a strong-arm robbery on a little old lady with $20, or two football defensive Continue reading “Bad Guys – The Four Key Deterrence Strategies:”

You Can’t Always Rely on the “Professionals”

Many people believe that because someone is working in a position or assigned certain duties, they are competent and knowledgeable Continue reading “You Can’t Always Rely on the “Professionals””

The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?

The “AR-15” style or pattern rifle was Continue reading “The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?”

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