Beyond the Basic CCW Course of Fire

The course of fire to get your concealed carry permit consists of firing 30 rounds into a standard silhouette target at three, five, and seven yards. There is no time limit, and the target area is generous. Please understand that the CCW course is not designed or intended to create expert combat shooters. It does help demonstrate you have a basic ability Continue reading “Beyond the Basic CCW Course of Fire”

They Are Coming For Us, Will You Be Ready?

WASHINGTON – Federal authorities warned Friday that ISIS sympathizers “continue aspirational calls for attacks on holiday gatherings, including targeting churches.” The bulletin was issued by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and issued to law enforcement agencies and private security companies around the US…. The bulletin was sent Continue reading “They Are Coming For Us, Will You Be Ready?”

Surviving A Gunshot Wound

As we go out and about while carrying our concealed firearm, we don’t want to think about it, but we should. If we have gone to the trouble of doing the training and preparation to protect ourselves and our family with a concealed firearm, we also need to consider and plan for other possibilities – such as being seriously injured while defending ourselves. Continue reading “Surviving A Gunshot Wound”

Keep Your Dang Finger Off The Dang Trigger

Of the four basic rules of safe firearm handling (All Guns Are Always Loaded, Never Point a Gun at Anything you Don’t Want To Destroy, Don’t Put Your Finger Near/On the Trigger until you have Decided to Shoot, and Be Aware of your Target, and Beyond), my favorite has to be number three – keep your finger off the trigger until you have decided to shoot. As a corollary to rule number Continue reading “Keep Your Dang Finger Off The Dang Trigger”

The Delay in Reacting: The Tueller Drill

You may also have heard this drill or demonstration referred to as the “21 foot rule” based on the typical distance covered. The “Rule” implying that at greater distances you are safe – lessor, you are in danger. You might also have heard it described as a distance at which someone who has a knife may be shot should they move to attack you. There is more to it than Continue reading “The Delay in Reacting: The Tueller Drill”

A Career in Law Enforcement: Part Three

In part two, we got you through retirement. But because law enforcement and most public safety careers allow you to retire while you are still young, you still have a great deal to contribute before you stop working. After 25-30+ years doing law enforcement work (reserve officer, 5-8 years police, 20+ working federal), you have skills that are very much in demand in other fields. Experience Continue reading “A Career in Law Enforcement: Part Three”

A Career in Law Enforcement: Part Two

In the first section, we talked about getting started in your career. Now it’s time to start working toward the next level in your law enforcement future. You’ve completed your first year successfully, focusing entirely on learning about your new career, you are now starting the classes for your Master’s Degree. You should plan on leaving the police department in five, and no more than seven Continue reading “A Career in Law Enforcement: Part Two”

A Career in Law Enforcement: Part One

As part of my thirty plus year career in safety, security, conduct and law enforcement I worked as a police officer for many years. I have known a lot of others who have done so as well. Because of that, people who are interested in a law enforcement career will often ask me what I would suggest for them to get into the career field. First, some perspective. I had a great law enforcement career. Continue reading “A Career in Law Enforcement: Part One”

Five Minutes For Fighting – The Shooting Stance

The Stance: A lot of time and energy is devoted to the shooting stance, basically how you stand and hold the firearm while shooting. This is as it should be, because if you are not holding the firearm properly and standing appropriately, you will not be shooting as well as you can. Today my focus is the stance I teach for self-defense shooting. This is different from how you would stand Continue reading “Five Minutes For Fighting – The Shooting Stance”

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