Building Search Basics

A lot of people want to be just like the characters they see in the action-adventure movies. They like to imagine

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Simpler, Easier, Better Malfunction Clearance


“We need a solution to positively get the gun up and running regardless of whether the issue is a dud round, failure to feed, stovepipe or whatever. Dump the mag, Rack the

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Who You Train With: Choose Wisely

If you own a gun, and if you plan on using it for anything other than just shooting empty soda cans for fun Continue reading “Who You Train With: Choose Wisely”

Helping Women Protect Themselves

We are all a product of our respective environments. Much of what we  Continue reading “Helping Women Protect Themselves”

Bad Guys – The Four Key Deterrence Strategies:

Bad guys are basically wimps. If they have a choice between doing a strong-arm robbery on a little old lady with $20, or two football defensive Continue reading “Bad Guys – The Four Key Deterrence Strategies:”

The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?

The “AR-15” style or pattern rifle was Continue reading “The AR-15 Rifle: Good, Bad, or Ban?”

Part Two: Protecting Houses of Worship

In Part One I explained how a facility needs to address the more common safety and security issues before planning to address a multi casualty incident such as an active shooting. This time we’ll talk about active shooter situations. As horrific as active shootings are, we can be grateful that they are still a relative rare occurrence. Research by Dr. John Lott and others has shown that Continue reading “Part Two: Protecting Houses of Worship”

Part One: Safety in Houses of Worship

With the shooting incident in Sutherland Springs Texas, the idea of needing to form some sort of “Safety Team” at houses of worship is once again being seriously discussed by church members, congregation boards, and religious leaders. Many are looking at this with the goal of finding an easy or very simplistic solution, such as – let’s get our ushers to take a CCW class, Continue reading “Part One: Safety in Houses of Worship”

Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%

Whether you carry a firearm for self-defense, or even if you just go through your life being aware, alert and trying to avoid problems, you may at some point (either through injury or other circumstances) lose some of your abilities to protect yourself, or get yourself out of, or away from, potentially dangerous situations. It recently happened to me, and I want to share what Continue reading “Prepare Yourself: When You’re Not 100%”

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