My career to date covers well over three decades of law enforcement, safety, security, and student conduct experience, as well as extensive experience in the development and presentation of training programs, including firearms and high liability skills involving use of force situations.


Master’s Degree: MPA – Master of Public Administration – Public Administration and Policy: University of Nevada, Reno NV 

Bachelor’s Degree: BSHS – Bachelor of Science in Human Services – focus on Law Enforcement: Thomas Edison State College, Trenton NJ

Associate’s Degree: General Studies – emphasis on Criminal Justice: Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno NV

Nevada POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training): Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Law Enforcement Certifications

Relevant Work History:

March 2016-Present – Owner, Clement Weather LLC and 

“Training to bring you through the storm…” Firearms training, safety and security consultation, For years my career was focused on protecting others, now my passion is teaching others to protect themselves

September 2015-2018 – Local Security Company, Reno, Nevada

Special Projects (development and presentation of training programs – basic security guard course, advanced report writing, CPR/AED), PILB Armed Guard Certification

July 2015-2016 – Self-employed consultant in safety, security and personal protection matters: 

Providing research, consultations, advice, and training program development to several local clients on a part-time basis

1998-2015 – Dept. of Residential Life, Housing, and Food Service, University of Nevada, Reno

Positions: Director of Student Living Group Safety Programs, Director of Student Safety, Assistant Director – Student Conduct and Safety. Retired from service with the State of Nevada in July of 2015

General Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibility for the 24/7 safety and security needs of some 2,800 students living on campus. Oversight of conduct issues involving violations of department and university policies. Recruitment, training, supervision, evaluation and training of department staff. Development of policy, general administrative duties, project research and operational planning. Facility access control and building security. Liaison to UNR police and other campus officers relating to safety & security issues.

1983-1998 – University Police Department, University of Nevada, Reno

Positions: Reserve Police Officer, Police Officer, Narcotics Investigator (assigned to the Consolidated Narcotics Unit – CNU – regional drug task force), Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Administrative Sergeant, Acting Chief of Police

General Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibility for enforcement of local, state, and federal laws and statutes in the unique environment of a university and college campus. Performed general administrative duties and operational planning for department. Scheduling of staff to ensure 24/7 coverage of campus including during special events. Supervision of lower ranked officers including review of all reports and work product. Development of lesson plans and providing training to staff – instructor certifications in a wide array of law enforcement skills. Departmental rangemaster and armorer. Conducting or supervising criminal and internal personnel investigations. Liaison with District Attorney’s office and other local law enforcement agencies, PIO (Public Information Officer) and press spokesperson to local media. Special event planning and on-site supervision of events on campus – music concerts, special events, VIP visits, sporting events, Hot August Nights, etc. 

Instructor Certifications & Training Documents

Over the past 30+ years I have attended a lot of training classes and courses, I am constantly trying to learn more about things that interest me – not just guns, and improve in a variety of disciplines. I have also received certification as an instructor in many categories, these are some examples:

  • Incident Command System ICS 100, FEMA Emergency Management Institute
  • “Stop The Bleed” training course, REMSA/Washoe Med – Renown
  • Active Shooter Training – Nevada Department of Public Safety, Threat Analysis Center
  • Title IX Investigator Training Certification, atIXa (Association of Title IX Administrators) – Willamette University, Salem Oregon
  • WCSO CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) CERT Team member, after completion of the FEMA Train The Trainor program, served as a Basic Academy Instructor for almost 10 years
  • Donald D. Gehring Academy for Student Conduct Administration – University of Utah/ASJA (Association for Student Judicial Affairs), 
  • CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) – Instructor Certification, Greg Saville & Randy Atlas PhD
  • Disability & Accommodation training for instructors (dealing with less able students) TMCC 
  • Critical Incident Response – Resource Training Associates, Tucson P.D., LAPD Commander Scott LaChasse
  • Chemical Agents – Basic OC Use – UNRPD 
  • NCJIS/NCIC (criminal record) Inquiry Certification – UNRPD 
  • Disciplinary Procedures, Supervisor Training, Nevada Dept. of Personnel
  • Work Performance Standards, Supervisor Training, Nevada Dept. of Personnel
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Supervisor Training, Nevada Dept. of Personnel
  • Public Information Officers Training Course – NV POST/U.S.  D.O.T.  N.H.T.S.A.
  • Worldwide Lesson in Leadership Series – Steven Covey
  • Domestic Violence Investigations – Nashville P.D., RPD, Reno City Attorney, UNRPD
  • Problem Oriented Policing – PERF (Police Executive Research Forum), SDPD, San Diego, CA
  • Skid-Car™ Orientation & Training Course, Rupert Bragg-Smith, Bragg Smith Driving School
  • Emergency Management Workshop – FEMA, Nevada Air National Guard
  • Conflict Resolution and Confrontation Skills – Career Track
  • Crowd Management Conference – IAAM (international Association of Auditorium Managers), Seattle WA
  • Glock Armorers Course – Glock Inc., NV POST, Carson City, NV
  • Certified Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor (120 Hours, + 80 hours observed instruction) NV POST
  • Conducting an effective internal investigation – Law Offices of McKenna & Cuneo
  • Narco-Pouch & Narco-Test, ODV Inc. Senior Instructor Certification
  • Latent Print Processing – WCSO Crime Lab
  • Governor’s Forum for a Drug-Free Nevada, Las Vegas, NV
  • “Real Time” (six hours) Multi-Agency Hostage Rescue Training Scenario at Lawlor Event Center: WCSO & RPD SWAT Teams, WCSO & RPD Hostage Negotiations Teams, UNRPD, Lawlor Event Center staff, & other volunteers
  • OSHA Operations Level II, Hazardous Materials Training
  • Verbal Judo Instructor’s Certification, George Thompson PhD, Verbal Judo Institute
  • Certified Cultural Awareness Instructor – NV POST (awareness of other cultures & backgrounds)
  • Instructor Development Course – NV POST (basic instruction & teaching techniques)
  • Unfinished Business: Racial & Ethnic Issues Facing Law Enforcement – RPD & NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives)
  • Integrated Emergency Response – ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)
  • Special Police Liability Issues (RPD & Martin J.Mayer, J.D.)
  • EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) – WCSO
  • Glock Transitional Instructor Course – Glock Inc., & Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department
  • Glock Armorers Course – Glock Inc., & Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department
  • Advanced Detailed Examinations And Techniques in Homicide – (DEATH) WCSO
  • NRA Police Firearms Instructor Course, National Rifle Association/WCSO 
  • Side Handle Baton Instructor Certification, Monadnock PR-24 Police Baton Training Council
  • Glock Armorers Course – Glock Inc., Woodland CA
  • Smith & Wesson Armorers Certification – Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Indoor Cannabis Investigations / Marijuana Cultivation – U.S.D.O.J. – DEA
  • Basic Narcotic Investigator Training Course (40 hours), NV POST/ U.S.D.O.J. – DEA 
  • Training course in “Crack Cocaine” – U.S. Department of Justice
  • Course in Interview & Interrogation – WCSO 
  • Informant Management Training Course – WCSO/CNU 
  • Field Training Officer Certification – WCSO 
  • Intermediate Driving Under the Influence Training Course – WCSO
  • ADIDRT Training and Certification (Alcohol Drug Impaired Driver Recognition Training)
  • Trial Testimony Course – Washoe County DA.’s Office
  • Advanced Hostage Negotiations Course – TMCC/WCSO
  • Terrorism – Training and Education, DCSO, LAPD, LASO
  • Sub Machine Guns/Auto Weapons for Police – TMCC
  • Basic Protective Operations Course, U.S. Secret Service Agents McCulloch/McNally
  • SWAT Sniper-Counter-Sniper Course – TMCC, Frank Barnes, James Hale
  • Chemical Agent Certification (mace) U.S. Customs, Agent Davis
  • Basic SWAT Certification (40 hours – CA POST Certified) – Clough-Cameron/TMCC
  • Police Officer Survival (16 hours – CA POST Certified) – Clough-Cameron/TMCC
  • Caliber Press Street Survival Seminar: firearms tactics, patrol procedures, and officer survival awareness training: 1984 – Las Vegas NV, 1985 – Reno, NV, 1987 – Carson City NV, 1990 – Lake Tahoe, NV 
  • Washoe County Sheriff’s Officer Reserve Officer/Deputy Academy (84 hours)
  • Weaponless Defense for Law Enforcement (less lethal use of force applications)
  • Firearms 1 & 2 (basic introduction class to firearms and use of deadly force)

UNR Police Department Firearms Training Experience: 

  • Assistant Rangemaster 1986-1989
  • Department Rangemaster & Armorer 1991-1998
  • Emergency Response Team (UNRPD SERT – SWAT) team member 
  • Specialized Training in advanced firearms skills during high risk warrant service – as an investigator assigned to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Consolidated Narcotics Unit 
  • Development of departmental policies and procedures regarding use of force, training standards, and equipment specifications and requirements
  • Development of Nevada POST approved training classes, courses of fire for training and qualification of sworn departmental staff: testing, selection and approval of departmental ammunition and duty weapons. Service, repair, and maintenance of departmental weapons. 
  • Responsibility for departmental compliance with Nevada POST training standards for departmental officers 1991- 1998

Additional and Related Experience

  • NRA instructor certifications currently held in: Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, and NRA Range Safety Officer, certifications held since approximately 2009
  • Instructor at the Washoe County Sheriff’s Officer CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), basic academy since 2009. I typically instruct Section one: Disaster Preparedness and Section five: Light Search & Rescue
  • WCSO – CERT Instructor of the Year 2014 
  • WCSO – CERT Instructor of the Year 2018
  • TMCC Adjunct Instructor: 1998 – 2001, Courses: Firearms I (a 45-hour, semester long, CCW class), Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Bail Bond Agent courses
  • Ongoing private firearms instruction to citizens, 2003 to current
  • Former Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor, Scoutmaster, and father of two sons who each achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • Served as the Public Information Officer for UNRPD 1991-1998, performed media liaison duties for Department of Res Life & Housing 2005-2015
  • Presented Crime prevention and safety presentations across campus to UNR staff, students, and residents throughout the year
  • Presented Parent Orientation information for parents of new students during summer student orientation sessions
  • Developed and presented training for Department of Residential Life and housing professional staff, classified staff, and student staff 
  • Former Federal Firearms Licensee: firearm sales and police equipment dealer, sold firearms and related accessories to law enforcement personnel in the local area,
  • Project Appleseed Marksmanship Clinic Participant
  • Armed Security Guard Training, NV PILB (Private Investigators Licensing Board) certified course to carry a firearm
  • Amateur gunsmith – over twenty years’ experience: recent projects include rifle barrel re-profiling, and machining custom AR-15 lower receivers from raw aluminum forgings
  • Design & manufacture of custom & specialty use concealed firearm holsters from Kydex material
  • Former School Board Member – Little Flower School, Reno NV
  • Formerly certified as a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert)
  • Formerly certified as an EMS First responder
  • Former American Heart Association BLS, CPR, & AED Instructor
  • Former member of IHIA (International Homicide Investigators Association)
  • Former member of CHIA (California Homicide Investigators Association)
  • Former member of CNOA (California Narcotic Officers Association)
  • Former member of IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors)
  • Former member of NLET (Nevada Law Enforcement Trainers)
  • Former member of ASLET (American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers)
  • Former member of NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives) 
  • Trained with and instructed classes with and for a wide variety of organizations, including:
    • Nevada Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST)
    • High Sierra Law Enforcement Academy (TMCC)
    • Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy (Western Nevada Community College)
    • Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
    • Reno Police Department
    • Sparks Police Department
    • Elko Police Department
    • Drug Enforcement Agency (Reno Office, Lake Tahoe Task Force)
    • Nevada Division of Investigation
    • RMIN (Rocky Mountain Information Network)
    • Nevada Air National Guard

Specific Career Highlights

  • First UNRPD officer assigned to CNU – Regional “Consolidated Narcotics Unit” Task Force
  • While working undercover – bought drugs, sold drugs, watched people using drugs, kicked in doors serving “No Knock” search warrants, and often pointed guns at bad people. Learned how to successfully grow marijuana indoors, In a class, I actually made crack cocaine out of powdered cocaine, during the service of a search warrant, I located just over a pound of cocaine among the soiled underwear in a drug dealer’s laundry hamper
  • Tripped and fell down while escorting one of the fighters to the ring, during a boxing title event – the event was being broadcast live throughout the United States and internationally – so who knows how many millions of people saw me drop out of the frame, and then suddenly pop back up
  • Planned, and supervised all large events on the UNR campus (sports, events, concerts, etc.). Personal records for events: 12,000 for a Garth Brooks concert at Lawlor Event Center, 34,000 (standing room only) at the 1995 UNR v UNLV game
  • First week as a sergeant – was senior officer available, and assumed responsibility for a firearms related homicide investigation on the campus – working with other local law enforcement agencies, suspect caught and confessed within 18 hours
  • During my career, I was involved in shooting situations, gunshot wounds, shots fired, accidental deaths, vehicle pursuits, death from vehicle crashes, suicide, homicide, foot pursuits, victims of property crimes, crimes against persons, physical assaults, sexual assault, drunk people, stupid people, and a wide variety of unique situations and circumstances
  • Arrested the City Manager for the City of Reno, on charges of spousal abuse, including a physical altercation required to subdue and restrain him, that made news all over the country, my wife’s sister saw the story – with my name prominently featured in her local newspaper back east
  • As PIO (public information officer), I got to be interviewed on TV and radio a lot, and was even quoted in the “Weekly World News” when one of M.C. Hammer’s dancers was shot in the leg during a concert on campus.
  • Rappelled inside (from the ceiling catwalk to the floor), and down the outside exterior wall of Lawlor Event Center – in either case, it’s a lot higher that it looks
  • AND, A WHOLE LOT more….