There are a lot of instructors and businesses in the area that offer a class that will qualify you to get a CCW permit. Some are really good, others – not so much. Some advertise very low price points. Some talk about military experience that may or may not be relevant in civilian interactions. Several sporting goods stores and gun shops also offer CCW classes. These classes may cost less, or, if you purchase a firearm from them, may be offered at no additional cost. If all you want to do is to get a CCW permit – any of these will meet your needs.

The use of force with a firearm is serious business. Regardless of who you select to train with, I encourage you to choose carefully. For those of you that are serious about protecting yourself or those you care about, I offer a lot in the training I provide. I teach realistic firearms techniques, based on over 30 years of actual experience carrying a firearm on the street, and extensive research into what works and what doesn’t. I have taught law enforcement professionals as well as armed citizens, and I will provide you the training to “bring you through the storm” of a self-defense encounter with a firearm.

For those of you who might be considering getting a CCW permit, are seeking firearms training, or have a safety or security issue you need help to address, let me give you the top five reasons why Clement Weather is your best resource:

1. Experience – I have carried a concealed firearm almost daily for more than 30 years; worked as a police officer, SWAT team member, undercover narcotics investigator, and armed security guard; I have over 25 years of experience teaching classes and instructing courses in the law enforcement and higher education environments, including a variety of firearms and use of force related topics.

2. Knowledge – I am a former Police Rangemaster; CCW instructor since 1997; former TMCC Adjunct Instructor; factory trained pistol armorer; part-time gunsmith; holster maker; former Federal Firearms License holder conducting gun sales to local law enforcement; instructor in Emergency Preparedness for a local law enforcement agency, etc.

3. Personal Interaction – To make sure you get the most from your training, I only teach small groups of students, these are typically private training sessions with you and several of your friends. When learning how to defend yourself against a threat, or how to use a firearm effectively, you may prefer the extra personal attention, instead of sharing the instructor with twenty or thirty other students.

4. Training Certifications – I am a Certified NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Police Firearms Instructor; SWAT Counter-Sniper; Police Pursuit Driving Instructor; PR-24 Police Baton Instructor; FEMA Train the Trainer; Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Instructor; training organization memberships: International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers; etc.

5. Hands-On, Real World Connection – Unlike most firearms or CCW permit instructors, I’ve been directly involved in several shooting situations. As a law enforcement professional, I was also responsible to investigate many use of force and firearm related incidents. This gives me a unique ability to talk about what actually occurs during and immediately after an use of force or shooting situation. As a result, most of what we cover in my classes is based on what really happens when you need to defend yourself against a threat – not just theory.


If you have questions, comments, or would like additional information and details about the services we offer or the training we can provide, please contact us via email. Our Email Address is: info@