March 2016

E.D.C.: What is in Your Pocket?

EDC – Every Day Carry – specifically, what do you have in your pockets to protect yourself should something happen. When you get dressed in the morning, and as you leave your home every day, what do you have on your person? Some people might choose to have very little, others on the other extreme have so much stuff in their pockets they need to stay away from rivers and lakes – lest Continue reading “E.D.C.: What is in Your Pocket?”

Innovation, Progress, and Improvements

I had a co-worker who use to tell a story of how when the space program was getting started in the 1960’s, NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could write in space, but the Russians, clever as they were, just used a pencil. Sounds good, but it’s a total bunch of crap. Firstly, both the American and Russian space programs used pencils during early space missions. Continue reading “Innovation, Progress, and Improvements”

Hiding in Plain Sight – Concealed Carry Clothing

After you decide you are going to carry a firearm, the very next question is often – “what do I wear to keep it concealed?” Starting with the most basic foundation – you will need a quality holster. Because the most popular holsters and carry method is around the waist on your strong side (be it inside the waistband or outside your pants), you will most likely also need a dedicated belt Continue reading “Hiding in Plain Sight – Concealed Carry Clothing”

Decision-Reaction Targets for Realistic Training

Let me take a few minutes to give you some insight into some training I do for students. I believe in making firearms training realistic. Whenever possible, doing things at the range that will directly apply to actual shooting situations. Today I’ll focus on range training, but these techniques can also be applied to training with air-soft, dry fire, or the SIRT or other laser training pistols. Continue reading “Decision-Reaction Targets for Realistic Training”

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