Not many people have the training and experience I have gained in over thirty years of law enforcement, safety, security, and personal protection responsibilities. In addition, a significant portion of my duties involved teaching and training others in a variety of protective skills and functions. As a result, Not only do I have the depth of knowledge necessary to help address your needs, I have an extensive understanding of how to share that knowledge with others. This is what I offer.

The positions I have held and my job responsibilities required me to be very familiar with all aspects of safety and security concerns. From my advanced firearms training and time serving in SWAT, experience in instructing high performance and pursuit driving skills to law enforcement personnel, and the years I’ve spent in overseeing facility security, and teaching personal protection techniques and tactics, I can provide the information and answers you need to protect your home, business, or help you stay safe while in your vehicle.

Personal and Family Safety & Security Plans

  • Safe Home Habits & Increased Safety Awareness
  • Video Surveillance & Alarm System Needs
  • Firearm Based Home Defense & Room Securing Techniques

Vehicle Safety & Security

  • Safe Habits & Increased Awareness
  • Vehicle Safety & Avoidance Driving Techniques
  • Evasion & Performance Driver Training
  • Firearms Based Vehicle Defense Training

Business & Facility Security

  • CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Video Surveillance & Alarm System Needs

Active Shooter Preparedness & Response

  • Employee Response to Workplace Violence Planning
  • Employee Awareness Training