Choosing Self-Defense Ammunition

We are very lucky today. The choices in quality self-defense ammunition that are available now are greater than they have ever been. I’ll go into greater detail in a moment, but for now, know that most questions about what ammo you should buy are easy to answer. Most major ammunition manufactures produce a line of self-defense ammunition, and the differences in performance between Continue reading “Choosing Self-Defense Ammunition”

What’s The “Best” Self-Defense Caliber?

I get this question a lot. Some people really want advice and direction, others just want an affirmation that their favorite is mine as well. Here’s the deal – If you have a favorite caliber, intend to continue carrying that caliber for self-defense, and you shoot it well, then you can stop right here. If it works for you – more power to you. If you are undecided, then please continue – maybe I have something to offer, Continue reading “What’s The “Best” Self-Defense Caliber?”

What Kind of Gun Should I Get?

Specific Recommendations: A quick foreshadowing: I will be making some recommendations on equipment, products, and brands. When I do this, I won’t tell you that any one is the best – instead, I will suggest several items or products, techniques or services that in my knowledge and experience have proved themselves to be of high quality and/or high value. Let me give you this advice to begin with – Continue reading “What Kind of Gun Should I Get?”

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