It Didn’t Get Better When They Got Promoted

It took me a while to figure it out, but eventually I learned. Just because someone gets a promotion, doesn’t mean they are any more skilled or qualified than they were before. And just because they are in charge, that doesn’t mean they know anything. There are a lot of knuckleheads out there in law enforcement – but somehow, I really believe that based on the size of our department, we had Continue reading “It Didn’t Get Better When They Got Promoted”

Awareness May Be The Only Weapon You Have

This past week we’ve had two more incidents where those who had a radical agenda killed people in an act of terrorism. Terrorism, defined in these instances, as using violence with the intent to coerce or intimidate a civilian population or influence government policy. In each case, victims who were unable to defend themselves, were targeted to be killed. As news coverage continues in the next few weeks, Continue reading “Awareness May Be The Only Weapon You Have”

Unloaded Handguns, Plastic Barrels, or Plastic Guns

Many years ago, an instructor friend was teaching a class at the local police academy. He was highlighting the dangers when facing an opponent armed with an edged weapon – essentially, his point was if you were struggling with someone armed with a knife, one or both of you would be cut. As an aside, in the real world getting cut doesn’t mean you will lose the fight, or die – what it means Continue reading “Unloaded Handguns, Plastic Barrels, or Plastic Guns”

Real World Reactions to Extreme Stress

A lot of the teaching I do, centers around, and focuses directly on, techniques that will be easier to perform under the body’s natural reactions to the stress present in a sudden life or death situation. Since none of us can be certain what circumstances we will have to confront, or what our exact reaction will be, we can only learn from previous incidents, and apply those Continue reading “Real World Reactions to Extreme Stress”

We Are All Above Average, The Lake Wobegon Effect

As stated on the NPR show “Well, that’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.” Believe it or not, the Lake Wobegon Effect is an actual thing. It was propagated by Dr. David G Myers as he described the trait many people have to overrate their own abilities and capabilities. This becomes relevant when you carry a firearm

Continue reading “We Are All Above Average, The Lake Wobegon Effect”

It’s Not Just Guns, Some Cop Car Stories

It’s not just firearms that some cops have problems with, many of them have trouble operating their police cars too. Again, many officers are highly skilled and competent – but what they do doesn’t make for very good stories. This is about the others, the ones that are downright scary in how they go about their daily duties. We had one guy who actually locked himself in his patrol car. He got in,

Continue reading “It’s Not Just Guns, Some Cop Car Stories”

Very Few Police Officers Are Firearm Savvy

I was talking with a friend the other day, and our conversation reminded me of several stories that help to dispel another myth I want to address: “all cops are gun people.” Most cops today have trouble even qualifying at the range. Many who go into law enforcement would be happy if they didn’t need to carry a gun – let alone be required to use one. There are exceptions of course, Continue reading “Very Few Police Officers Are Firearm Savvy”

Concealed Weapon Class: The Difference I Offer

Like many others in the area, I teach Concealed Carry training classes. So what is the difference between what I do, and what training others provide. I’ve been teaching firearms classes to law enforcement and the public for almost thirty years. When teaching classes for law enforcement, I had limited resources. Continue reading “Concealed Weapon Class: The Difference I Offer”

Working the Room: the Gunfighter Seat

Sitting in the corner, back to the wall – the stereotypical tactical location to make sure any threats to you will be noticed and you’ll have enough time to react. That may be an ideal location, but it is often hard to achieve. Walking into a restaurant that is busy, you may not be able to get seated in the most tactical seat in the house – chances are, a 6 year old is already sitting there with her two siblings and her parents, Continue reading “Working the Room: the Gunfighter Seat”

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