January 2016

Firearms Training for Stressful Situations (part 1)

Stress –

Those in the military assigned to combat roles, or in some circumstances – law enforcement officers assigned to “hot” areas, experience stressful situations several times each day. Often those situations involve the use of a firearm where shots are fired, or there Continue reading “Firearms Training for Stressful Situations (part 1)”

Why I do this

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Marked by wet and bleak conditions: nasty, dirty, stormy, turbulent, gusty, overcast, sunless; rainy, murky….

CLEMENT WEATHER:  Marked by conditions that are delightful: temperate, cloudless, fair, sunny, calm, peaceful, placid, tranquil, pleasant….

I started as a police officer in 1983. Continue reading “Why I do this”

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