INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Marked by wet and bleak conditions: nasty, dirty, stormy, turbulent, gusty, overcast, sunless; rainy, murky….

CLEMENT WEATHER:  Marked by conditions that are delightful: temperate, cloudless, fair, sunny, calm, peaceful, placid, tranquil, pleasant….

I started as a police officer in 1983.

I was very fortunate to be able to attend a great deal of training, participate in an extensive variety of assignments, hold responsibilities for many events, activities, and oversaw, trained and supervised a lot of people with an assortment of job functions. After a full and wide ranging career working in law enforcement, safety, security, and conduct administration spanning 32 years, I retired from state service.
Due to the nature of my job duties, I was often placed in the middle of dangerous situations. In working uniformed patrol duties, crowd control at major special events, undercover narcotics investigations, “no-knock” warrant services on drug houses, VIP protection details, and oversight of large residence hall facilities, I learned a lot. I have extensive hands-on knowledge and experience in dealing with conflict.

Law enforcement and security occupations often operate at the “tip of the spear.” In my career, I directly participated in hundreds of arrests, untold numbers of fights and struggles to control and restrain violent offenders, held people at gunpoint on many occasions, as well as being involved in several shootings – as a result, I have a distinctive understanding of the unique dynamics present in violent confrontations.

Not only have I applied the knowledge and experience I have gained during conflict and violent confrontations to what I do in my personal life, I have been fortunate to share the lessons I learned when guiding and instructing others. A large portion of my career was spent teaching and conducting training courses for police and others who must deal with difficult people – including how to handle those who may physically threaten their personal safety.

While doing this, I was rewarded with tremendous satisfaction in teaching my students skills that helped them protect themselves in dangerous situations. Whether using verbal skills to diffuse potential conflict, hands on techniques to control and restrain, using the PR-24 baton to defend themselves, or teaching how to use firearms effectively when under great stress – I have provided people with the tools they need to get themselves through dangerous situations.

Now, I have decided to continue helping others to gain these skills and receive training that will help them survive and effectively navigate through dangerous situations. Working through my enterprise, Clement Weather, I plan on bringing my experience and training abilities to those who may feel the need to protect themselves or others from the very real threats that are becoming more common in today’s world.

Training to bring you through the storm – more than just a tag line, this summarizes my philosophy and overall training goal. I want you to learn the techniques, and get the training that will give you the ability to survive, to get through the dangerous situation (the “storm”) you may be faced with, and to successfully come through this incident and back into the daylight and calm (the “Clement Weather”) of your everyday life.