Should I get a Gun For Self Defense?

Many people I know are aware of my interest and experience with firearms. As a former licensed gun dealer, police officer, SWAT team member, rangemaster and armorer for my police department, NRA safe range officer, NRA certified Police Instructor, NRA certified Rifle and Pistol Instructor, Concealed Weapon Permit Instructor, amateur gunsmith, someone who has carried a firearm almost daily Continue reading “Should I get a Gun For Self Defense?”

Gunstore Myths About the Shotgun

Many gunstore employees often fall into one of two categories. The first is those who have a solid background with firearms use and operation – perhaps a long time hunter, someone with a military background, or law enforcement firearms experience. Their desire is to make sure you get the firearm that best meets your needs. On the other hand, are those employees,

Continue reading “Gunstore Myths About the Shotgun”

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